I’ll include my winter posts soon, so please be looking out for those, but I would like to begin with everything that has happened thus far this month.

Train ticket from Kyoto Station to Osaka.

For the first time in a while, I was able to travel to Osaka after school. While Kyoto is a lovely and quiet city, Osaka is by far better for wanting to do anything outside of sightseeing historical shrines and temples!

I got to enjoy myself by hanging out in the city for a bit and going to the mall near Tennoji Station. All-in-all, the trip to Osaka is quite cheap! The only issue is you must be prepared as it will be about one and a half hours each way to get there. And the Kyoto busses back to the dorm from the station end around 9 or 10.

The other important issue I would like to address this time, much more serious, is earthquakes. Japan is known to get many of them; however, Ritsumeikan works carefully to make sure that you are prepared. You will have to do drills for them. I took these for granted until today.

A 6.0 earthquake struck Osaka at around 8am this morning, and while I live in Kyoto, we could still feel the dorm shaking! Everything was rattling very loudly and I woke up mostly confused and afraid. However, thanks to the University preparing us, we all came out of it safe.

To put it bluntly, yes, you might experience an earthquake while you are in Japan. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be a bad one or ruin your time studying here. Japan is very prepared to handle earthquakes and does their best to ensure the protection of everyone. So while it may be scary at the time, you will most likely be safe, and Ritsumeikan is quick to message to make sure that you are safe — and the RMs at the dorm will come around and check on you too!

Despite how scary this post may sound, studying in Japan is an absolutely wonderful experience! One earthquake definitely hasn’t ruined my time or memories here!