I have been in love with the Spanish language since high school. I wasn’t too bad at speaking it either. However, my high school did not have a very good A.P. Spanish program. I knew that if I wanted to be fluent in the language, I would have to fully immerse¬† myself in the lifestyle. I knew that I needed to spend at least a month in a Spanish speaking country, but I didn’t know which one. Finally the opportunity arouse. One day in Spanish class a man spoke to us about a study abroad program to Madrid for a month; it caught my interest. So, I researched the program and discovered that there were possible scholarships that helped make the trip more affordable. I applied and received one of them, which confirmed my decision; I’m going to Madrid!

Right before the trip I had a rollercoaster of feelings that were happy, sad, nervous, and pure excitement. When I began to pack my bags I stared at my closet for about ten minutes trying to decide what to pack because I had no idea. However, I packed a bag full of clothes that made me appear less American. For example, instead of a baggy t-shirt and nike shorts, I brought casual dresses and tops. I only brought 3 pairs of shoes: sneakers, tennis shoes, and sandals. I didn’t pack any rain boots because I’m assuming that I can find a cheap pair in Spain.

I researched Places in Spain so that I can have an idea of what the city will look like. I’m so excited to experience the adventure that is to come!

This is El Palacio Real de Madrid, a place that I cannot wait to see!