After completing my junior year I decided it was time to study abroad. I felt as if I could accomplish anything considering I made it through a second semester of Nursing. The decision to study abroad was really with help from my instructors. We  had a decision to go to three places and I have always wanted to visit Africa so I picked Africa. After making the decision to study abroad, I started to prepare. I prepared for this trip by doing several fundraisers. Studying abroad can be very expensive but with the help from Study Abroad, and people in the community it can be possible. I got my church family involved and so on. After raising money I was now ready for my trip. I begin to pack. Most people probably pack their clothes first. I on the otherhand, I packed all of the medical supplies that I needed first. After packing supplies I then started packing my clothes, sanitary items, household items, and most importantly SNACKS. How can you forget your snacks? After packing I started thinking, reality is finally setting in. As the time got closer and closer to go on the trip I started getting nervous. At times, I was like nope, I’m definitely not going. Then 3 days before the trip I looked at my bags, and said you’re going to AFRICA. You will go make a difference. I hope to make the people of Zambia more blessed and less stressed. I hope that we can go over there and heal as many people as possible. I pray that God gives us guidance and keeps the entire team going with me wrapped in his arm. I hope that we have safe travels and a good experience. Zambia, here I come!