The study abroad program I chose is a faculty led program through the country of Greece. It is about a month long program. I have always dreamed of studying abroad in college because it was always an opportunity I did not want to miss out on. I have always had the travel bug and Greece is on the top of my bucket list. I thought hard about if studying abroad a whole semester or just a summer program would be best for me. Ultimately, I believe a month long program away is the best option for me.

I leave today. I am beyond excited, however very nervous. The most nerve-racking part for me is travelling alone. I have never travelled alone, especially not internationally. I am just excited to get over there and see the beautiful country. Packing has been a struggle for me. I have always been an extreme over packer and I am trying to break that habit right now. However, very little success. I am trying to pick outfits that can be dressed up or down and worn many different times. I over pack because I am always concerned if I end up not having an outfit for a certain occasion.

One of the many things I love about the program I chose is that we visit numerous museums and ruins. We get to see and write about many artifacts. We are going to understand how they were once brought to life many years ago. I am an anthropology major, so this is the kind of stuff I live for. Throughout this program, I just want to learn and experience more about the world. I hope this widens my horizons, so I can keep expanding it. I want to continue to keep travelling and learn about the histories and origins of countries around the world.