The BEST (virgin) strawberry daiquiri of my life!

Coming to another country and living there is difficult enough, but especially when you are in a country that speaks another language. English is my first language and it is the only language I am totally fluent in. I have taken Spanish for two years at Alabama now, and although I am learning, I am not fluent quite yet. Yes, taking classes does help with learning a new language but nothing is quite like being completely immersed into it. Here, I am forced to speak Spanish all the time, 24 hours a day. It is hard but I am getting better and better everyday. Of course I do not know all the words in the language so there have been some tough things to get over. For example, when reading menus at restaurants I do not always know what all of the ingredients mean. I just hope that my food will taste good. Which brings me to another topic: la comida!!!! “Comida” is food in spanish and the food here is amazing. In the dining hall it is the same amount of good as it is at Alabama; some things are good some things are not, and some things are just plain weird. But, every restaurant I have been to I have loved my meal, from pizza to tacos. And it gets better…the food is way cheaper here. I can get a personal pizza for 2.50 euros which comes out to be right under 3 dollars. If only America would do this too, I’d have a lot more money. Haha!