So leaving Europe was by far the worst part of my trip. By the time my month there was over I had already become accustomed to the world around me. It almost felt like I was leaving home again and I was being torn away from my own personal wonderland. Having to pack my things and lay out my final outfit was tough and I honestly wish I could’ve stayed a little longer but deep down I knew I missed home and my family. It was now time for me to return to the United States, to the home that had all of my family and friends waiting for my return and all the great stories I could share with them. Mentally going through the checklist making sure I had everything prepared to go toothbrush, clothes, shoes, wallet, passport, And all the other things that go along with packing. I knew at some point the trip is going to end but not that quickly. My final night was spent with the group of people I began my adventure with at a dinner table at a local restaurant that we visited on the first night we laughed and cut up until the night was over. Then we back to our hotel and played cards until it was time for us to go to bed and dream of our return home the next day. When you travel and you know you have a time limit you need to make sure you set alarms, which I did, I actually set at least 10 alarms for the next morning because I knew I couldn’t risk missing my flight. Even with all those alarms though I cut it short but finally I made it to the plane that was going to remove me from my month-long adventure and take me back to the ones I love back home. When traveling by air make sure to pack a good pillow and a blanket because you’re going to be sleeping a lot and it’s really cold on the plane they give you meals but sometimes they’re not really that good. So unless you fly first class I suggest you bring a few snacks. It wasn’t all so bad coming home because I knew my grandmother would be waiting for me at the airport in Atlanta with open arms ready to give me a big hug like I had been missing for years. If you have never traveled I highly suggest you do it because it will make you see that there is more to life than what you know and that there are other people out there who live differently than you, but it will also make you see how precious people are in your life and to not take them for granted.