What I fell in love with first!

I have to be honest, arriving in Florence, Italy was nerve-racking at first. From my luggage still being in Paris, forgetting to get euros out of the ATM, and not being able to get into my home stay house, it was a rough first day. I cried my eyes out on my first day here, however, all of that is in the past and I am now living my best life. The first aspect I fell in love with is the exquisite scenery. The houses, churches, The Duomo, and etc. are BEAUTIFUL. These buildings are covered in pastel colors, but with elegant florescent glass architecture, that every time you pass by one, you cannot help but to stare. On a Tuesday, after school I visited this amazing and historical vineyard called Fattoria Castello di Verrazzano in Chianti, Italy. I believe this place has one of the most unrealistic, alluring views I have ever seen. It was a literal breathtaking moment—I even questioned myself, “am I actually seeing this?”. My program (Language & Culture) and I even had a tour guide, who explained the history of the vineyard, and how their wine was made, included with a wine tasting at the end. I am not a wine person, however, I did find another gem, balsamic vinegar, a sweet and thick liquid that has changed my life. It is made with 100% real ingredients and takes ten years to form the perfect taste. To say the least, I had a phenomenal time at this beautiful and elegant vineyard and definitely took a bottle of the balsamic vineyard with me.

P.s* The founder of this amazing vineyard, Giovanni da Verrazzano, also discovered the New York Bay!


Fattoria Castello di Verrazzano