It’s definitely been a crazy few weeks here in Firenze. At first it was a tough adjustment but I’m learning to get used to the big city life. When we first arrived in the city it was a bit overwhelming and I was already having second thoughts about the whole experience. After the first day of class I was feeling a lot more comfortable with where I was because the teachers were so inviting and understanding. The teachers here seem to enjoy having students from several countries as it keeps the class very interesting. Class goes by very quickly and after we are free to explore the city and surrounding areas. Florence has so much to offer and even though the endless amounts of tourists can be slightly annoying when trying to walk to class, it’s nice to see the look on their face when they look up at the duomo in the heart of the city. I’ve also gotten into the habit of going to the supermarket every few days for snacks or juice and I noticed how much smaller they are here. It’s very apparent that the grocery stores are meant to buy groceries only for that day especially since people must carry what they buy all the way back to their apartments. It’s very admirable though how much pride people take in the food here. It’s always fresh and it always seems to have a personal touch to it. No two dishes are ever the same. All in all this city is amazing and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to learn here.