Hola! My name is Kari Eisenberg and I am currently studying in Spain through UA. Studying abroad can be something that is both exciting but also nerve wracking, especially for me. Before this trip, I had never been to Europe before, and then for my first time I went all by myself! Leading up to the trip I was ecstatic about this opportunity I was given. When it was the week before departure I started getting really nervous, and doubting myself. Can I really do this? Will I get too homesick? What if my speaking isn’t good enough for natives to understand me? Many things ran through my head, but ultimately, I was just siking myself out. I knew that the only way to get over being nervous was just to do it. So, I went for it. I got on the plane and told myself everything would be okay. And you know what? Everything was/is okay! I am currently on day three of my trip and I am truly living my BEST life. After only 3 days I already feel that my spanish speaking has improved and I am more confident with it. I learn so much everyday and it is things that you cannot just learn sitting in a classroom. This is experiential learning and it truly is the best, most effective, and most fun way to learn. Academically it is amazing. Aside from academics (which I’m sure is what most people want to hear about) immersing yourself into a culture is incredible. It is so crazy to come to another country and see how people live their lives here. Some things are the same, and some things are different. If they are for better or worse is up to you, and you can only decide that if you take the leap and travel.

El Palacio Royal