Need to get away from the city?

The city of Florence and the country side of Florence are two very different regions. One region you have tons of tourists, it is overpopulated, and then you have the same street vendors trying to sell you items every corner you turn. Do not get me wrong, the city is beautiful and a marvelous time, however, if you want to visit somewhere that is relaxing and uncongested visit Villa Gamberaia, in Settignano. Villa Gamberaia is one of the most famous villas in Tuscany and Italy, and is characterized as an eighteenth-century terraced garden. From the moment you walk in and pass the gate you are presented with such calmness, and loveliness–perfectly trimmed trees that lead you down a pathway to a garden of enchantment. I just wondered around absorbing in all of its beauty, when I then stumbled upon a pool that was located on the edge of the villa looking off onto the city of Settignano and Florence. You could even sit down and put your feet in the water, it was cooling, like a breath of fresh air. This is not a place to book a tour guide with, but a place that you can fine peace and serenity with oneself–laying on the magical green grass and looking at the immense blue sky. Therefore, I highly recommend this place if you want to escape the city for a moment, to breathe and take in the fact that you are conquering a one in a lifetime opportunity.