Hello all!! This is my first ever blog post, so here goes nothing. I just finished my senior year! Yay class of 2018! So you might be asking yourself, why is this person going on a study abroad and paying for an additional class that is not needed to graduate? The answer is Nursing School! Although I just finished my 4th year, the Capstone wanted me to enjoy another season of football so I am not graduating until December. What better way to start my last summer of “freedom” from the real world than going to Zambia, Africa!

I have always been intrigued with the continent of Africa, so when the Nursing School was offering a ‘may-mester’  trip to Zambia I knew I had to go. Bringing together my nursing skills and love for helping others with a country that I had never been to was the exact reason I wanted to go. Some part of me has always wanted to travel somewhere new, out of my comfort zone and I knew this would be a perfect fit. Also, 15 other nursing students, friends, and faculty are going on this trip so I will not be completely by myself.

I am writing this post on-top my bed, that is covered in clothes, documents, medical supplies, and stuff to keep me occupied during my two days of travel, that just gets me to the village in Zambia. I cannot express how happy I am to be going on this adventure! Africa has always been a place I have wanted to visit and tomorrow when my alarm goes off at 330am EST this trip will become reality!

See you on the other side! Roll Tide!



All packed! Ready to go! (Lets hope my luggage is under 50 pounds)