Study Abroad 2018 has been the best trip I have been on. Starting from the moment I got the acceptance into the program, I have been nothing short of excited. This was my first trip out of the country. I was a bit nervous just for being in another country for an extended amount of time. The travel to Prague was exciting. I flew out of Nashville with my best friends Callie and Kelsey. This was Callie’s first time flying at all, therefore the first few flights were interesting to see how she would react. We made the flight to JFK in New York smoothly. We had a short layover in New York. Our other group had an interesting delay and ended up missing our flight due to the weather and air traffic control. There were some weather moving through New York when we were getting ready to fly, therefore we sat on the runway for about 2 hours before we actually took off. The 8-hour flight to Prague was fairly smooth but did hit some rough turbulence a few times. Landing in Prague was amazing and seeing the beautiful scenery was like no other place I had ever seen.