Ciao Everyone! It is insane to be saying, but I already only have eleven days in this beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I honestly have no idea where time has gone and I am totally not ready to leave yet (but my Bank Account is). I have not really started getting ready or packing yet because I am trying to soak everything in and do last minute things I have not been able to do yet. I have been eating at my favorite restaurants a lot more and trying out the ones I have not not been able to make it to yet!

So far, at each new place I have been, I have gotten a postcard or two in order that I remember each place I have gone, since there have been a few. I have successfully made it to Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and of course, all around Italy. I am getting so emotional having to leave because it is actually going to be super weird not traveling to a different country each weekend when I am back at home for the summer. I am not looking for what to going back to the real world and having to work a majority of the summer. Every good thing must come to an end though!

Next week, since it is my last week, I am planning on getting all my last souvenirs for my family and friends. I still need to get something or my sister, my Godmother, my work staff, and a few friends. I actually have not bought much for myself due me taking in the memories and experiences more.

It is crazy to think I will be back in America, next weekend! This has been the trip of a lifetime and I will NEVER forget this.

P.S.: The picture I posted is from last weekend at Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful places I have been in my entire life!