This study abroad trip was my first time out of the country and up until two days ago I wasn’t even sure I was going anymore. I am very nervous. I didn’t brush up on the Italian language enough so I’m afraid I will have trouble communicating. I know that this will be a tremendous opportunity and I know that studying abroad will give me exposure to a different culture that would be hard to get in America. My major is interior design and I am minoring in art. Italy is the motherland of all things to do with art and interior design so I couldn’t dare miss the chance to study abroad in Italy. I love Italian food so I am expecting to eat very well. I hope to see all the ancient structures and historical art work. I’m also very excited to actually get to live in the city in a real neighborhood. Most of the time when you travel places you stay at a hotel in a heavy tourist area so you don’t really get to experience life as a local. Since I will be living in Florence I hope to get to climb the Duomo and visit Pitti Palace. I expect Florence to be a very fashionable city since many fashion icons have spent some time in Florence, Italy. In fact,  majority of major luxury fashion brands originated in Italy.  My flight is also eight and a half hours across the Atlantic so I’m also very terrified I cannot imagine being on a plane for that long.