I have never been to Europe therefore I did not have many expectations for Prague. Within the first hour of arriving and walking around Old Town Square I realized this place was amazing. The colorful buildings, the smell of Trdelnik, and so many things to do within the city, I was ready to explore.

Besides the jet lag I was prepared to try and fit as many sites and excursions in as possible. The first day we spent roaming the city to see what things we wished to explore throughout our study abroad, and at night had dinner with the other students and got acquainted with one another.

The following day I made it a mission to get some of the delicious smelling dessert that was always drifting through the streets of Prague. The group later in the day went to a soccer (futbol) game where it was beautiful weather and we had a great time. Both teams were very good and it was exciting to watch but the ending score was a tie, never the less the overall afternoon was very enjoyable.

Today we did a group segway tour around the inner city plus the outer towns and I can say that it was my favorite experience and day since I have arrived in Prague. The tour guides were young Czech locals who were nice, fun, and informative. They took us around the city to tourist places but also local spots. The locations were so beautiful and I found the entire experience fun and peaceful to be away from the tourist attractions most of the day.

Prague is an exciting city and I cannot wait to continue my study abroad experience here in the days to follow.