Picture this: You’re on an airplane. You recently were served ‘dinner’ at roughly 3am (your normal time zone), the gentleman next to you hasn’t said so much as hello, you’re starting to get cranky because the window seat that was supposed to be a God-sent is actually placed just far enough back that your head can’t be supported by the edge and you either loose your pillow or feel your neck falling in on itself. You see it? Great. Boo. Boring – get to the good stuff.

Fast Forward Five Hours: Ta-Da! You are in France! It’s 5am their time and now you, and hundreds of other tired, hungry, less than friendly, passengers are trying to navigate the monstrosity that is the Charles De Gaulle airport. But wait, what’s that? A sign?! And it’s in English! Oh, praise the Lamb! And another! And another! Soon the world doesn’t seem so bad. Soon your phone re-evaluates its purposed and grants you service. Soon you are feeling better and shaking off the two panic attacks you had earlier. You’re in Paris!

Another two hours go by, you wait your turn in customs, navigate some more signs/trains, see the intensive security personnel walking around with ostentatious guns, and you’re reminded that you are indeed not in Kansas anymore.

Rather than bore you with the text of the day I decided to copy down what I’d written in my journal each day and include some pics with. Oh, and did I mention Paris is a LOT of walking? You can see my step count each day as well at the base of each day.


Sunday May 20th

Arrived at 5:35am ahead of schedule.

Met up with fellow UA students in A2 and felt much better about life.

Bus to Hotel de Senlis – Located in the 5 Arrondissement

Walked around the 5th Aer – At Lunch at __________: Steak and Pommes de Terre puree (mashed potatoes)

Fun fact: Midnight in Paris scene filmed here.

Toured inside the Luxembourg Gardens

Returned to hotel to setting into room/nap/etc…headed out again at 4:30pm

Walked along La Seine – took photos – was that American tourist – it’s fine

Dinner: Gelato

Oh, and there was this free art exhibit happening nearby so we went to that too.

Steps: 21, 385

Floors: 7

Walking/Running: 8.1m


Monday May 21th

Breakfast: Yogurt, Bread, Croissant (OMGOSH WOW), Coffee, Orange Juice (surprisingly I liked it).

Train to La Tour Eiffel – did not go up (yet).

Boat Ride on the Seine with Bateaux Mou______

Montmartre: Sacre-Coeur Bastilic – So Many Stairs – Walked up 300 but that’s just what’s posted

Impeccable views of the city

Snack: Gelato, duh.

Saw La Tempete at the Comedie-Francaise. It lasted 3hrs. The French also have multiple curtain calls. It was unusually put am happily ready to adopt at UA. (Annie, wink wink)

Dinner: Croque Monsieur – A fancy French grilled cheese. 11:34pm post show. I think we may have ticked off the employees by coming in so late. But regardless, they fed us and that was a blessing.

Walked back to the hotel due to lack of busses and trains. Love it – the city is beautiful at night.

Steps: 19,431

Floors: 43

Walking/Running: 7.4m

Tuesday May 22nd

Breakfast: roughly 9:30am – same as yesterday. Amazing.

10:30ish we mozied on over to the Pantheon. Got to tour the 360 views from the top – took lots of pictures.

Cassie and I toured inside of Catacomb then got Gelato (Raspberry and Strawberry) for lunch

Took bus to Musee D’Orsay

Lots of Monet painting, THAT painting Tiffany showed us, Van Gogh

Night: French Opera – super cool but still jet lagged so fighting to stay awake during first Act

Act 1: French

Act 2: Italian

Dinner: Calzone at Giglio w/Cassie & Evans

Steps: 21,852

Floors: 42

Walk/Run: 8.5

Wednesday May 23

Went to La Tour Eiffel! Praise God for elevators (its a LONG way up)

The sky was foggy so we couldn’t see far far over the city but was still beautiful

Les Invalides: Napeolean buried here

Huge church with crazy beautiful design

More Walking

Champs-Elysees: walked down the rue

Cheap coffee doesn’t exist here.

“I’ll just be 5 min. I know what I want.” – Cassie LOL

The Louvre Museum: spent roughly three hours inside. Saw Mona Lisa – she’s tiny.

Dinner: Le Chat Zen (Can’t recommend enough. I ate here 4 more times before we left)

Buses/Metro stopped running so had to walk home – Paris at Midnight is absolutely beautiful 10/10 recommend walking IN A GROUP

Steps: 26,429

Floors: 36

Walk/Run: 10m

Thursday May 24th

(The Morning Of)

Arc de Triomphe – went inside/above and saw the city

Traffic is utter chaos and anarchy

Went to the Graveyard of Edith Piaf

Lunch: Chicken Burger

Jazz Festival: Cool venue but so hot and the air was nasty thick

Dinner: Pizza with Cassie/Salone/John

“We found the Underground club!”

Steps: 22,533

Floors: 55

Walk/Run: 8.7m

Friday May 25th

Notre Dame

Moulin Rouge!

Steps: 20,878

Floors: 43

Walk/Run: 7.9m

Saturday May 26th

The Palace of Versailles

Steps: 24, 694

Floors: 18

Walk/Run: 9.8m


Sunday May 27th

Steps: 15,417

Floors: 21

Walk/Run: 5.9m