Studying abroad was something I always knew I was going to do in my collegiate years. I did not know when or where I would study abroad, but it was something that was always in the back of my mind even when I chose to attend the University of Alabama. The University’s study abroad opportunities were a major factor in my decision to move 800 miles from home and attend college here. The opportunity to study abroad in Greece presented itself through one of my friends, Abby, after she had submitted her application to the program. When she told me about the program I was envious because I obviously wanted to go to; It sounded like an amazing opportunity to learn about Greek history and culture, and a chance to be in a country that I have never visited before. When I told Abby, “wow I wish I could go!” she replied, “why don’t you?” The next thing I knew, I was calling my dad and applying to the program that same day.

With only a few weeks left until I leave, some preparations are already being made. I bought my required school supplies, such as my textbook and notebook, as well as, other items like a charger adapter and a suitcase. I also had to make some legal and monetary obligations, such as renewing my passport, informing my bank that I would be abroad in Greece (so they don’t cancel my card), and buying euros. Any other preparations and packing will be done ideally the week before I leave, but I do have the bad habit of being a last-minute packer.

As I count down the days to studying abroad in Greece, I become more excited and anxiously await the opportunity to fly across the globe. It is an opportunity that many people do not get especially as a student who has just finished their freshman year of college. This course has offered me an incredible opportunity to learn first-hand the history and culture of Greece and I can’t wait to go!