We have just arrived to our first school and my first impression of this place is overwhelming. My heart is broken to see the conditions that most people live in, but my attitude quickly changed from sadness to awe. These people may not have much but their smile is bigger than any struggle that could come their way. You will not find one person who does not greet you and shake your hand. Their hospitality for visitors is out of this world and we are so grateful to even be here.


After we set up and begin to see patients I am quickly reminded of the actual struggles these people endure daily. They are here for medical attention yes, but it is much more than that. They want you to pray for them and not just to say you will, but genuinely meaning it. They are used to the pain, but they know what God can do and will do in their lives. Moving through the week I have met people who are the most loving people I have ever known and it has only been a few short days. I have seen healing and also heartache. I have seen everything under the sun be wrong with someone and all they ask of you is prayer.


Moving toward our last day all of my emotions hit me at once. I did not want to leave this place and return home to my normal life. I needed more time here to help the people and show my love for this country. The week has flown by and we begin our journey to the Kafue National Park for our day of safaris. The whole ride there I reflected on my week and what had happened. I have seen many situations that I knew I could not fix immediately which is what broke my heart the most. I will be returning to Africa in attempt to provide for them medically and spiritually again because every little bit of help moves mountains in their country.