How does one even begin preparing for traveling to an entirely different country? Well, I started with research; it is a good idea to have a basic knowledge of how people do things in the country you will be visiting. Because I have never been on a plane before, I started with research about what I would need to get through the airport. You of course need your ID, passport, and plane tickets. There are also some rules about what you can and can’t take with you. Don’t forget the 3-1-1 rule, liquids in your carry-on bag can’t be over 3 ounces! After feeling comfortable about knowing how to get there, I began researching the country I would be traveling to: Italy. It is crucial to know what kind of currency is used in the country you are visiting, and through my research I learned it is a good idea to already have some of that currency on hand when you arrive. It is also good to know what your new home will have in it so you can pack accordingly. For example, we have washers in our apartment in Italy but we do not have dryers. Therefore, I need to pack some clothespins in order to hang my clothes out to dry. This also means I can not bring any clothes that need special care, such as dry cleaning. Instead of only searching for information online, it is a good idea to ask family and friends who have been abroad what they wish someone would have told them before going. My family member reminded me that I would need a converter for electrical outlets in order to charge my devices while abroad. These are the tips I found most helpful while preparing to study abroad; hopefully they help you feel more prepared before leaving!

Ready to go!!