May 18, 2018

10:34 am: Currently, I am anxiously awaiting for my 11 hour layover to pass so I can officially embark on my journey of a lifetime. As I sit here watching plane after plane takeoff, I can only feel my excitement increasing as I realize it is one plane closer to being my turn. Throughout my college career studying abroad was never on my radar. Why would I ever want to leave the best University in the world when my time is already limited?┬áIt wasn’t until I watched with envy as my friends emerged themselves in the beauty of the other side of the world that I decided it was something I NEEDED to experience. Until this year, I had never before traveled to Europe. Within the next 24 hours, I will have been twice in the past three months. Now, my only worry is not being able to fully absorb all of Italy’s beauty during these next 4 weeks and regret not spending an entire semester abroad.

From Florence, Al to Florence, Italy.

Ciao, Y’all!