Upon arrival to Munich Germany my whole body was sluggish due to the jet lag and amount of time I had gone without sleep. Even with this though, I couldn’t help but rush off the plane to see the new world I had arrived in! Munich
was a beautiful German city that has a good amount of history on every corner. When in Munich we had class at the Isaar river which was renovated from braided to a free flowing in order to comply with human settlement.Along with this I went to a Concentration camp on my own time and got to walk around the haunting campsite.

We soon left for Prague and it took a full 9 hours to arrive.  Prague has some of the oldest and most beautiful Architecture in the world.Here is where we studied  the Vltava River which is so prone to flooding that the people have installed a retractable wall that holds the water.After the river tour me and a few classmates went for a walk around the main city and ended up climbing up 20 flights of stairs and 200 steps in order to see the great Church at the top.

After a few days it was time to move on to Innsbruck Austria for our lessons on the great glaciers of the alps. When riding the bus we decided to stop for a lunch in a small town called Forggensee. This town was surrounded with water and sat on a tiny floating island in the middle of a great mountain range. Innsbruck was the last town we were to stay in. It’s a small town in Austria where the alpine Glaciers are there water supply and it’s all Naturally filtered by the mountain rocks. We had the greatest opportunity to actually climb a glacier and learn how to measure snow density by digging down around 10 feet of snow to reach the giant glacial mass. For our last lab we had to core a tree in order to see how old the trees in the area were and to see the level of nutrients received from each year. For the final night that we all had free time together we decided to go to a nearby karaoke bar and ordered pizza while we sang every song we could possibly think of. Each town and each country visited was full of wonder and uniqueness. I will indeed be back to Europe so I can enjoy the fantasy like landscape.