As I am writing this, I am exactly 5 weeks away from my departure date back to the USA. That is almost surreal to write; I cannot believe how fast the semester has flown by! I have made some wonderful new friends from all across the globe and together we have created some great memories. I have gotten to experience 8 new countries already and have one more stop, Denmark, before the semester comes to a close. My two favorite trips thus far have probably been to London and Amsterdam although I have had a great time on all of them! Of course, I have had to do some schoolwork along the way, but it is going to be a change when I get back to Alabama and cannot jet off to another country whenever we have a long weekend. However, the travel bug in me never sits still and I am already planning a spring break trip to Spain in 2019!

If anyone told me that they were on the fence about studying abroad, I would push them right over the fence and tell them do it do it do it! It is such a unique and life changing experience and it truly opens your eyes to the rest of the world. I would also tell them that once they are on that life changing experience, they need to say “yes” to everything that comes their way! When it comes down to it, you can always find time to get your schoolwork done. Do not waste away your precious time alone in your dorm room, get out and see the world! I promise that time is going to fly by, and you are going to be wishing that somehow you were able to fit more in. There are so many inexpensive and FREE ways to go about exploring as students that it is honestly shocking.

I am so very jealous of everyone that is preparing to embark on their summer study abroad stints and I am wishing that I could do it all over again. Who knows, maybe I will wrap up my college experience with a study abroad semester round 2!?