Hello again from London! It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve definitely adjusted more to my surroundings much more. Unfortunately, it’s only less than a month before I head back home to the states.

My time and London, interning with Parliament and taking classes at the London School of Economics, has been so exceptional, it’s going to be very hard to leave at the end of April. I definitely started to feel a little homesick and out of place in the middle of my program, missing my family and wishing for the efficiency and quickness of the United States; however, I’ve finally gotten to the point of seeing London as my home. Whenever I’m returning from a weekend trip in Dublin or Paris, I am always so excited to be back “home” in London.


London is a great city to visit if you want easy, inexpensive access to other countries around Europe. While London itself is an extremely expensive place to live, the five airports outside the city make travel affordable and simple. It’s a breeze to pop over to southern France or backpack through Ireland for spring break.


London is also perfect if you want to experience a multitude of cultures. The diversity in London is a refreshing experience, especially if you’ve lived in a homogenous community the entirety of your life like I have. To hear so many languages and ideas on the streets or in your workplace is exciting and informative. I encourage anyone who goes to London to get to know Londoners and other migrants who make the city their home. From Greek Street in Kensington to the streets of China Town near SoHo, there are so many cultures for you to experience and appreciate.