You learn a lot about yourself when you travel because you see how you react to new situations. One thing I learned about myself was the type of traveler I was. People have different interests and personalities and that effects how they like to travel.

  1. Booshie traveller- you are the type of person that likes pictures of those five star resorts you see online with the spas and infinity pools. Your eyes widen when you see a Ferrari and talk about how one day you’ll have one. First class everythang if you had it your way. Five course meal let’s go.
  2. Frugal traveller- yeah you found an airbnb in a cement basement who cares it was $15 bucks. Hostiles or camping or sleeping in a car yes please. Street food for 10 centsĀ  I’ll take three. Did you hear the overnight bus is only $8! Or the Uber moto in Vietnam is only $1! Let’s get 7/11 sushi for $1. Your probably wondering how I know this. Its because I am a frugal traveller.
  3. Adventurous traveller- Oh my gosh. You can ride ostriches, rent motorcycles, and bungee jump. Let’s do it all. You generally come up with a million strange ideas of what to do in each country and by the end of the week you probably slept a total of 3 hours. You took a few risks that like eating questionable shack food that your friends gave you a concerning look for. You came to experience every experience you can.
  4. Lazy traveller- You came to relax. Vacation is for sitting in some sun and doing a little nothing. Can it be delivered or can we just go to bed? Are common questions. How about some TV? Let’s go the pool or just stay in tonight.
  5. Planner traveller- lets book everything 3 months in advance.
  6. Spontaneous traveller- Is that a carnival lets do that instead. As soon as they see something new and exciting they do go for it without thinking.
  7. Fast traveller- I saw it lets go to the next thing. We can 25 things to do today and we have to leave now if we want it all done by midnight.
  8. Slow traveller- I want to look at it a little longer. Smell the flowers. Oo is that a coffee shop lets stop there for a while.
  9. Touristy traveller- I want someone else to figure out what I should do and not worry about it. If it is a big group it is more comfortable and easy.
  10. Independent traveller- wants to run by their own clock and do what they want. Take steps off the beaten path and travel alone if it means doing what they want.