I had no expectations coming into this study abroad program because every time I saw it it seemed unreal or too good to be true. This program takes you to various countries all around the world literally all around the world. My particular trip was the Fall 2017 trip. I would not have been able to do it without University of Alabama amazing generosity and I am forever thankful. A break down of how it works is first you embark on the ship which for me was in Bremerhaven Germany. A lot of people beforehand used this time to tour around Europe which I would highly recommend. I went with my parents and flew into Norway and road tripped through Sweden Denmark and Germany and we had a great time. Once of the Ship we lived in cabins with 550 other students. The ship has 9 decks. 3-9 are accessible with a movie theatre, outdoor and indoor pool, 2 dining halls, 1 restaurant, 1 salon, 1 large auditorium, 1 spa, 1 store, and a couple “class rooms”. Most rooms turned into classrooms like the dining halls, theatre, and restaurant. 60% of the time was on the ship which is when we did our clubs,classes, and class work. 40% of the time we spent in a new country.  Where we would either have a field class, field program, or independent travel. Yes, we did have a time change every week. Yes, there was a couple times I got seasick, and yes, it was the best four months of my life.