When I first arrived to Oxford, exhausted from traveling and full of anticipation, the city was alot different than I had imagined! I was expecting it to be a lot smaller and less populated. It was a crowded city with lots of shops and history which I love about it. We arrived to our college, Worcester College, and I was shocked. It was even prettier than the pictures I continuously looked up before departing! ┬áIt was very easy to find my room and get settled in. The locals here are so welcoming. Although there is no language barrier, we sometimes still find it hard to communicate because of our differing accents! It has been a learning experience and I have definitely become more accustomed to the strong accents. One force of habit I have tried to break is saying “excuse me”. Over here, when you accidentally bump into someone and say “excuse me” it sounds sounds sort of blunt and rude and usually is followed by an “I’m sorry!!” because the person thinks you are frustrated with them. I had no trouble adapting to the food in England because it is fairly similar to America but the portions are different which I love. I find that the restaurants give you the perfect amount of food that I generally finish without feeling too full. As time to leave is approaching, I am getting very bittersweet emotions. I keep reflecting on this experience and remember how lucky I am and that I will never get this opportunity again. I feel that this trip has really opened my eyes up to what the world has to offer outside of Tuscaloosa. I have learned to think in ways I never have before and have learned how to be extremely independent. Although I will miss this place that holds a new place in my heart, I can’t wait to return home and see my friends and family.