Oxford truly is the city of spires. I cannot fully describe the beauty of the gardens, castles, and cathedrals of Oxford and the surrounding areas, all unique and different in their own way. This city simply must be experienced by all who can, as it is also the perfect walking city, with something new around every corner and alley. It only takes a short walk to anywhere I wish to go, from the Covered Market (food as far as the eye can see) to the majestic Bodleian Library. I now understand the prestige of Oxford. The accommodations of Worcester College have been magnificent, especially considering the fact that the school was originally founded in the 13th century. I feel like Harry Potter dining in Worcester’s Great Hall, not to mention how great their dining hall food is! The weather is not as gloomy as I was lead to believe, and the Thames and college gardens brighten the landscape. The funniest observation is that anything built in the 18th century is considered “new.” We have very few buildings in the United States that are even still standing that were built that long ago! I am anxiously awaiting our two excursions, as they both include sites I have always wished to visit. First, we will visit Canterbury Cathedral and marvel at the Cliffs of Dover. Secondly, we are traveling to see a performance of Hamlet in Stratford-upon-Avon, something I could have only dreamed of witnessing after studying so much about Shakespeare throughout school. I cannot contain my excitement for these trips. The Alabama teachers have been wonderful guides, and I am already so close to all of the students in this program. I can already tell I will not want to leave when our program ends, as the days are going by too quickly.