While it is summer in The States, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. That being said, Australia is COLD! The weather has not stopped the fun, and it has certainly not kept me and my peers from exploring the beautiful nature and wildlife that Oz has to offer.

I am currently a third-year law student at the University School of Law, and I am studying abroad this summer to finish up my remaining credit requirements. The Australian National University, located in the Australian Capitol Territory, is ranked 16 in the world! During my time here I have been exposed to a myriad of different law disciplines and how they operate in Australia specifically. As a result, we spend a lot of time contrasting the Australian law system to the United States system. The professors and lecturers are very intelligent, but more importantly wonderful human beings.

Anne Macduff, a senior lecturer at the ANU and Professor Bill Andreen, an esteemed professor at the University of Alabama School of Law treated us to a beautiful picnic at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve where we saw grey kangaroos and koalas that were actually awake! (Koalas sleep about 21 hours a day; sounds like me during dead week) The picnic included kangaroo kabobs.. You read that right; kangaroos are actually eaten in Australia. Before you judge, understand that kangaroos are the equivalent of deer in the United States (a bit of a pest). Apparently they cause road accidents and often times compete with grazing animals for the same food because they mainly forage grass.

The Australian people are very respectful of peoples’ views, especially their food preferences. Our picnic included everything from vegan to halal option that suited everyones’ preferences. We saw plenty of kangaroos and they were very inquisitive creatures. The landscape here in Australia is not quite what I expected, but it is BEAUTIFUL nonetheless. Don’t take my word for it. Check out some of these pictures I took with my Nikon. I highly recommend you visit Australia and check it out for yourself.