Looking back on the past month I spent in Copenhagen, Denmark, I am overcome with happiness and excitement. While I am very glad to be back in the States, my studies abroad are going to be a time I will cherish and never forget. I made so many friends and got to experience so many cool things. In total I visited six different countries and 11 different cites. In Copenhagen, I felt fully immersed in the Danish culture and at home. By the end of my trip I new my way around and could easily navigate public transit.

The class I took was a unit operations Chemical Engineering lab. We completed labs, wrote reports, and did presentations. We also got to go on industry site tours. One of the tours visited Dong Energy, a power plant that supplies electricity to areas of Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. They also provide district heating (process water that heats up nearby homes). This, combined with wind energy and biomass energy, results in one of the most efficient power plants in the world. I learned so much about not only Danish day to day culture, but also what goes into the business, economy, and politics of the nation. It was so interesting to compare how things are run in Denmark and the US. I think studying abroad and really immersing yourself somewhere for an extended period of time is the only way to really learn and understand the culture/way of life.

I definitely think my perspective and world views have been affected by my travels abroad. With each new place I went to, it became easier to learn my way around and adjust to the cultural differences. The number of places I want to visit in the world has grown significantly. I am so intrigued about places outside of Europe and even more places in Europe that I did not get to go to.  I hope to continue traveling in the future. I recommend studying or traveling abroad to anyone who has the opportunity!

Botanical Gardens – Copenhagen

Lynby BK Soccer match