Now that I am home, I feel both happy and sad.  I have loved getting to see my family and friends after so long and share my pictures and experiences with them.  I missed little things like sleeping in my own bed, driving, my dog, free water, and, of course, Chick-fil-A.  I can also admit that I am relieved that classes have come to an end.  These things aside, it seems weird that my time in Spain that I looked forward to for so long is over.  I had so many expectations for my study abroad experience and I was not disappointed.  In fact, my expectations were exceeded.  My Spanish has seriously improved, I have incredible new friends, and I have a greater appreciation for traveling and other cultures.  Never again will I get to look outside my window and see a 16th century royal palace and monastery.  I will miss breathtaking views like this one and ones from the countless other places we visited.  It was a great privilege to learn a language in a country where it is spoken and, beyond that, to learn that country’s culture and history.  I envy the future groups of UA in Spain students because they still have this amazing summer to look forward to.  I am beyond grateful to my new friends, our professors, and our director for making this trip one full of memories that I will cherish forever.  I truly hope that I can to return to the beautiful country of Spain one day.