I believe that the title says it all:

  1. Give right of way to cars and not to pedestrians
  2. Put 10 keys on a key ring when you use 2 of them
  3. Participate in “loaf of bread” day. One day every week where the entire town stops what they are doing to go buy a loaf of bread and then walk home. This is not planned.
  4. Honk. Constantly
  5. Always pick up the phone to chat even in situations where Americans would perceive it as rude
  6. Have 3 doors to get into the house. It’s for safety reasons but it makes everything look closed in
  7. Build houses as spreads instead of up
  8. Keep dogs fenced in without walking them
  9. Say “con gusto” instead of the spanish word for “you’re welcome”
  10. Use “claro,” or “clearly” without being rude
  11. Build bumpy sidewalks
  12. Get into relationships in two days
  13. Exercise in machine parks and watch each other
  14. Hang clothes to dry when they have a dryer. Very publicly. Including underwear.