I spend today preparing myself for my next semester of school and I am able to reflect on the time I spent abroad. I am able to recall all of the incredible experience I had and all of the great people I met. After spending several months in Ireland while also traveling to other countries, I understand how fortunate I am to be able to have this opportunity. Studying abroad has given me chances that many people desire and I was lucky enough to have. From seeing ruins in Greece to watching my favorite soccer team live, I was able to make some of the greatest memories I ever could.

After spending a few months at home and taking some time to get used to being back in the US I can happily say that given the opportunity to study abroad again I would easily accept. Having learned about the Irish culture and making friends, both from Ireland and all over the world,  has lead to me appreciating my experience even more. I have friends from Germany, Australia, and many other places that will encourage me to continue traveling when the opportunity permits. I appreciate everything study abroad has given me the chance to do and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity if it ever presents itself.