Leaving Brussels was definitely bittersweet. The morning I left, I made sure to swing by my favorite café and get one more coffee for the road. I still had one more week left in Europe since I was meeting my mom and my niece in Paris, but it was still difficult to leave. It’s not as big of a city as Paris or London, and I think that’s one of the main reasons I liked it so much. Brussels had become to feel homey. I became accustomed to the local LIDL, was called ‘a regular’ by one of the waiters at the café, and knew exactly how much my petit frites avec samurai sauce costed. One of my favorite memories is listening to the musicians playing outside of Grand Place, especially the electronic violinist who jammed out to Despacito. I met some incredible folks on this trip and I am so grateful to have had these experiences with them.


My week in Paris has also come to an end, and it’s so nice to be home and resting before school starts back up. I started reading the book of van Gogh’s letters to his brother that I bought at Musée d’Orsay and have looked through all of my photos at least 3 times, but the travel bug that I caught while overseas is still very much with me. This has been an amazing, frites-filled month, and I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity. I don’t know when I’ll be traveling again, but I can’t wait to see what culture I’ll be able to learn about and what fattening foods I’ll be able to eat next.


Merci Bruxelles!