As my trip to Ireland winded to an end, I got very sad to travel home.  My summer in Ireland was one of the best experiences that I could have asked for.  I was able to make so many new friends, travel all throughout Ireland and explore other countries in Europe, learn about the Irish culture, and gain great work experience.  I was sad to leave and nervous what it would be like going back to the States.  When I arrived back it was hard at first readjusting to the time difference, but fell back into my normal daily routine.  My summer gave me an unforgettable experience and I hope to get the chance to travel back to Ireland one day.  My one piece of advise to anyone traveling abroad would be to truly explore where you are, some people travel abroad and spend so much time and money traveling to every country in Europe.  While, that is certainly great to travel like that, I loved traveling and exploring the different areas throughout Ireland.  I was able to meet locals, learn about different parts of Ireland, and see all of the beauties that it had to offer.  I was nervous going over there and how the experience would be as a tourist and how I would adapt.  The people in Ireland are very nice and welcoming to tourists and it is so adaptable and easy to understand, definitely a plus that it was an English speaking country!  My summer was an incredible experience and I truly gained so much than I thought I would from my short 2 months abroad.  I enjoyed it so much that when I graduate college I might go travel there to work for a year then come back to the States!