Costa Rica is an entirely different country with a beautiful outlook on life. In their culture, the phrase “pura vida” rings through in everything that they do. Pura vida means pure life in spanish. The following is a list of things that I have learned while growing in this beautiful country about how to live that pure life:

  1. Exercise first thing in case the rain comes; if not, learn to run in the rain
  2. Writing everyday is both a means of reflection and a way to stretch the muscle that is your brain
  3. Reading expands your horizons, teaches you new words and ideas, and acts on the brain the way that exercise helps the body
  4. Music is a powerful coping mechanism
  5. Reaching out to friends and family is both vital and intentional
  6. Languages are democratic
  7. Stereotypes are ridiculous and outdated
  8. If you’re going to a new culture, it is best to fully immerse yourself
  9. Early to bed and early to rise makes for my personal best life, but my personal best life is different than everybody else’s
  10. Start with fruit and water
  11. Never eat anything that you don’t want to. Never do anything that you don’t want to. It won’t help you
  12. Relentless pursuit of the person that you want to be is the only way to be that person

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