The first day of my journey was full of stress. Not only did I have to try to remember everything, but I then had to drive 4 hours in the pouring rain to the airport. My dad and I had a sad, yet short, parting as we unloaded my luggage in the rain. The stress was heightened when my flight was delayed 1 hour, leaving only an hour and a half for my layover. Once I arrived in Newark, I had an hour to convert currency, use the restroom, and eat. While planning my trip, I was most worried about navigating the London airport, but, after delays and certain circumstances, London was the most relaxing of the 4 airports. After 11 hours in the air and 2 connections, I finally arrived in Cork…. it was most definitely worth it. I cannot put into words the excitement I have for the upcoming 3 weeks.



Katie Wright

Cork, Ireland: UCC Summer School