So after a very strenuous day of travel we have finally arrived in the beautiful city of Santorini. Santorini is a city full of beautiful white building and an even more beautiful crystal clear coastline. In fact, when you imagine Greece, this is probably the first city that comes to mind, whether you realize it or not. Everyone soon realizes that the first couple of days are not as simple as stepping off the plane and being perfectly acclimated to a new place. Jet lag was certainly my biggest obstacle because there is nothing I love more than my sleep and realizing that I needed to make myself stay awake until a reasonable time at night and fighting the urge to take long naps was certainly a big struggle for me. Also adjusting to new food, new social customs, and even new weather certainly takes a couple of days. I wouldn’t say that any of these things were hard to do, however, it take some time to realize that your drinks are not going to be served with ice, and it really does matter if you don’t eat the food that you are served- oh, and just because it’s hot during the day does not mean that it won’t be cold enough for you to need a jacket later. All of these are small things in theory, but the quicker they are realized the quicker you are able to begin enjoying this new, beautiful country. I even found that the things that stuck out to me the most upon my arrival soon became some of my favorite experiences. For instance, the food which included everything from tzatziki sauce to octopus to fast food gyros, or the weather which was hot enough to enjoy the beach during the day, but cooled down enough to enjoy a meal outside in the evening. The importance of the adjustment period lies within keeping an open mind because you never know what will become the highlight of your trip.