Since this trip will be my first time leaving the country on my own, without having the safety net of my parents or guardian to watch over and guide me all the time, there is a sense of excitement about it but also fear.  Mainly my thoughts are fixated on reaching Berlin rather than stressing myself out on what could or might happen once I arrive.  I’ve done a great deal of thinking about my friends and family, their main concerns are about what I should bring them back as souvenirs and gifts but I’m more concerned about leaving them behind to go off on this adventure on my own. This general feeling of being off on my own can be overwhelming and I recognize the fact that there will be other students on this trip thinking and feeling the same way that I do and I’m sure I’ll be able to form a new safety net by befriending them.  Coping with these emotions is easier and I feel less anxious and concerned when I came to the realization that there’s a good chance that I’m not the only one feeling this way and that there will be others who are the same as me and haven’t traveled by themselves; even if that is not the case, there will be some who are well seasoned in travelling that I will be able to  learn the ropes from and gain the confidence I feel is necessary to have to undergo this adventure.  But the questions and concerns I have right now won’t be real until I arrive in Berlin and hopefully it is not too overwhelming for me to handle, but one way or another I know I can do this!