I chose to study abroad because I wanted to gain field experience in primatology, so the program I chose was the perfect fit. Several factors led to my decision to attend the Balinese Macaque Ethnoprimatology Field School, such as the right timing, the length of the program, the location’s high level of safety, my familiarity with the professors, and of course the fact that I will get to study macaques! In preparation for my trip, I made a list of every possible thing I could need, I am having to purchase a lot of new items, and I put together a booklet of any and every document I might need during travel and while there. I am also mentally preparing; the most important thing I am telling myself is to make sure I stay out of my comfort zone. Some unusual or crazy things in my suitcase include binoculars, four bottles of bug spray, 22 Cliff bars, way too many pens and pencils, and a write-in-the-rain notebook. Can you tell I’ll be spending my time outside in a forest? My most overwhelming emotion is excitement. Although I will miss my family, friends, and dog, I know that I will not be gone for too terribly long, so I am very anxious to leave and step foot in Bali, Indonesia. Of course, the thought of doing something completely new make me nervous, but I am more eager than anything. While in Bali, I hope to gain new knowledge of the macaques as a species and the ecology of the forest, as well as learn to utilize new data collection methods on wild monkeys. I also hope to learn more about the Balinese culture because it is so different than American culture. Let’s go!