Eleven days and counting. The time is approaching where I have to think about packing and going home, but I don’t want to. Spain has become my home base in Europe and it breaks my heart even thinking about leaving this wonderful place and not knowing when, or if, I am coming back. I already extended my stay for two months instead of one, but only if I could extend my trip longer and travel throughout Europe! Just this past weekend I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal and experienced the best weekend trip I could’ve dreamed of. To be able to expound upon my travels throughout the Iberian Peninsula is incredible and a life-changing experience. I traveled to not only one, but TWO foreign countries with people I just met a month prior and who I am unbelievably close to now. Even one of our Spanish conversation partners from the first month program came along with us!

The amount of individuality I feel is unexplainable. I thought choosing to go to school 10 hours away from home gave me a sense of adulthood, but choosing to spend a summer in Europe without knowing anyone but yourself really molded me into an independent individual. I have connected with people I know I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life- we already have a group chat where we are planning get-togethers throughout the school year back at Alabama! I couldn’t imagine partaking in a more enlightening program, educational and individual, than UA in Spain.

¡Hasta pronto España!