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I love green tea. Any green tea-flavored deserts impulse my consumer desire so I decided to start my journey of the holy green tea trail and my love for cafés and bakeries.

Korea is not the designated green tea heaven, Japan is; however, there were enough or excessive (to explain it correctly) to please my obsession. Additionally, this journey added my love for red bean paste, bean powder, black sesame (heukimja), sweet potato, and whole wheat. I realized that the savory aroma and nutty flavor stimulate my taste bud.   

Though I am an Asian and have a daily experience of the atmosphere given by freshly cooked rice from the rice cooker, I also love the smell of the freshly baked goods because it gives me a warm, cozy feeling. That’s why I love baking. I don’t think any baker has an evil intent to poison the customers; they are all good-hearted givers.

Going on the green tea journey reminded me of my childhood dream that my friends and I shared constantly: to open my own café and have frequent gatherings with my friends to chatter endlessly about our daily lives. As I observed the Instagram posts of the cafés I had visited, I noticed that they include daily stories of encounters with customers and this frequent relationship develops into regular customers. I laid one more aspect onto my childhood dream: to act as an unofficial counseling center and reach deep into the unconscious thoughts that interrupts people’s everyday life. The fees are a cup of drink, freshly baked cookie, and an open heart. I cannot resist my social work spirit.