I’m finally back and rested ready to get back to work and my normal life here in Alabama. I have to say, I will be going back. I fell in love with how slow everything is. My favorite part about the trip would have to be the Church of Bones in Rome. I thought it was amazing, my friends did not. It’s a church decorated with the bones of the past who served there. It was amazing. My favorite church was the Duomo in Sienna. We went on a day that was cloudy and dark. I took this picture 2 hours before it started pouring rain and it was the most magical picture I took the entire trip. My favorite place was Genova, and Cicagna in Liguria, Italy. The beach and the town was amazing. If you go on a study abroad, I really┬ásuggest this one. It is an amazing experience, with culture and language you will not forget.