This summer I chose to study abroad because I truly believe it is the best and most unique way to not only learn information inside a classroom but gain cultural experience as well. Last summer I studied abroad in France for almost 6 weeks in a language intensive program to truly get quality experience with my major (I am a French major). It was the experience of a lifetime and I gained more exposure to the language I love than I could have ever hoped. With all of that being said, this summer I wanted a different approach to study abroad than I had previously. Instead of the stationary approach where we stayed in the same home and went to the same classroom everyday, I wanted an experience where I was constantly traveling and seeing as much as possible. This is how I chose the UA in Greece program where I would be able to see a vast amount of Greece, a country I have been dying to visit for as long as I can remember, while still earning 6 credit hours. While last summer I took classes that I certainly needed in order to complete my major, this summer I wanted to take a different approach where I took classes I did not technically have to have in order to graduate, and certainly they were not on a subject that I know a lot about, but in many ways that is one of the reasons I am so excited for this program- the opportunity to learn new subjects while also discovering a new and beautiful country.