Just a reminder – my name is Katie Butzer and I’m currently enrolled in a May-term International Financial Reporting course abroad.

After an eventful 8 days in Prague, with a stop in Paris and a stop in Dresden, we took a coach bus to the beautiful city of Vienna. I formed a great travel group with some girls and we spent the entire duration of our trip visiting different landmarks and cool things around the city together. We had a blast!

Vienna and Prague are different, however, both are very charming and beautiful. The scenery in Prague is amazing, purely due to the geographic markings of the city’s location. Vienna has incredible chocolates and desserts, so both have their perks but neither wins for me. They’re definitely tied in my heart.

The class material was tedious, however, our days spent in the classroom never failed to be exciting as well. The group I went on the trip with was just a great group of people and I would do it all over again any day.

We went to the Belvedere Palace – one of my favorite days spent in Vienna. Belvedere Palace is home to many famous paintings by Gustav Klimt, including the very famous “The Kiss”. It was incredible to see it in person, however, photos are prohibited so you will have to travel to Vienna or Google it to see it yourself. The gardens surrounding the palace were incredible too. The citizens were jogging through and I thought “wow, I probably would enjoy running a lot more if I got to do it here”.

Another fun day we had was our Segway tour. Some of the kids on our trip just didn’t get it and it was quite the laugh watching them try to operate the thing for the first bit of the trip until they got the hang of it. Our tour guide was great, telling us so much about the city that we would have never known.

Vienna also has a hilarious and reasonably sized amusement park that we went to. We only road the ferris wheel, however, they had a handful of rollercoasters and also the tallest swings in the world – they spun at 40mph 90m in the air. No thank you!

I’m sad to be leaving, however, at a certain point your body can only take so many days of trekking roughly 15 miles around the city to see all you can in the short period you have.

Vienna, I’ll definitely be back.