I came home from Nicaragua on Sunday. Since then I’ve felt a little odd. My trip went by too fast in some aspects while in other aspects I was ready to go home. I learned so much in regards to Spanish, medicine, and just in general. Granada is a beautiful place and it was more than I expected.

I think this trip was eye opening. There isn’t any air conditioning as it is too expensive and most families make only 66$ each month. Yes, it was very hot but at the same time, these people don’t know what it’s like to have air conditioning or a bug free house or easily accessible wifi, tv, and internet. Furthermore, the way some people live took my breathe away. Some poorer Nicaraguans live in literally shacks with a roof that is a tarp. Seeing all of this was eye opening and puts life in perspective. I’m greatful I got to see these things as well as for all the memories I made. Hopefully one day I can go back and explore more.