Hello and welcome to my pre departure self. Currently, I am preparing to study abroad in
Cuba for a month! Wahoo!! A place that the United States has been closed off to for over 50 years and only recently reopened its doors to Americans. A place with little to no wifi and on every corner a classic car can be spotted. This summer is going to be an adventure of a lifetime! And to add to my adventure, I decided to go with only my backpack and what fits in it.

Let me back up and explain who I am. Hi:) I am going into my senior year at Alabama and am an International Studies major with a Spanish minor. I am so excited to be leaving for Cuba in less than TWO DAYS! I’ve known ever since I came to Alabama that I wanted to study abroad and this summer presented the perfect time for me to go. During my search for where I would live for the summer and study, I came upon a program that offered classes in La Habana, Cuba. I thought to myself, “How cool would that be?” I mean think about it, going to live in a country that transforms you back in time to the 60’s. So I decided then, that this summer I would study in Cuba.

To prepare myself for a month in Cuba, I did a lot of research on the country and their culture. Being an International Studies major, I am extremely interested in different cultures and places. This past semester I took a Latin American history class and we went over the history of Cuba and the relationship between the US and Cuba. Having already decided to study in Cuba, this class got me even more excited for my adventure.

So fast forward. I am less than two days away from leaving for Cuba. I decided to only pack in my backpack because, why not? In order to get a months worth of clothes to fit in my backpack I had to pack many neutral colored clothes that would be able to mix and match with each other. Of course I have those thoughts of “oh no what if I need this?” or, “what if I need that?” But it has been really cool having to declutter my backpack and only pack the essentials.

I think what I am most excited about is the no wifi thing. This is going to allow me to fully dive into the culture with literally no distractions. I am so excited to be able to work on my Spanish and become more fluid in the language as well as having the opportunity to take a class in government and politics of Cuba in Cuba.

I am so excited to embark on this adventure and can’t wait to learn all that Cuba has to offer.



Pictured is my backpack and all my belongings for the next month!