I am very exciting that the days are getting closer to my departure… Just 8 days now! When deciding where to go abroad I really struggled because I was hopeful to go somewhere tropical and full of coral reefs, but instead I am going to Europe which is just fine because simply it made more sense for me. I realized that for credits to count toward my major it was best I study in Europe opposed to a tropical destination, I highly recommend making sure any student studying abroad fully understands what credits will count for what, and that may help you narrow down exactly where is best for you to go!

Lately I have been feeling very excited with how close the trip is, but honestly I hadn’t been putting much thought to it because I have been so busy since school got out. I am currently a Junior and I just finished my sophomore year, I am very thrilled about getting to travel and study some good literature. The books we have had to read prior to departing are actually very interesting which came to an honest surprise to me since I am not much of a reader. That is why it is good to take chances like I have, because you never know what interests you may have that you would otherwise not discover..

I hope I don’t forget anything! Packing has been stressing me out but really we need to be sure that our credit cards are accessible in a foreign country (pay attention to international fees) also in case any of us gets in a sticky situation it may be wise to carry cash on us! I recommend getting US dollars transferred to Euro’s before leaving since airports will charge a lot more in fees. If you are a member at any bank here, they can help with that.. (mine took just 2 business days).

As far as expectations I am really just trying to go over there with a very open mind despite the upsetting news lately. Their truly is danger anywhere in the world, and we just have to keep a positive attitude and avoid putting ourselves in dangerous situations. Their is too much world to see to worry about the “what ifs…” I hope to eat really yummy food and make great life long connections with those we all get the opportunity to meet! I hope to learn a lot about literature and travel through Europe seeing many historical sites such as Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and eating yorkshire pudding! As I have been told that is a very yummy dessert! 🙂

Keep watch, I will write more once I am abroad! Until then, safe travels to all currently en route, and have the best time!!