My name is Darci Bevan, a rising Senior at the University of Alabama.  I am about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, to Dublin, Ireland for my summer internship. I will be working at Sutton Lawn and Tennis Club during my time there. The farthest out of the country I have ever been was Peru, in South America. I had always wanted to study abroad, but I did not want to leave school to do so. Through the program called CISAbroad, they gave me the opportunity to travel to the destination of my choice for an eight weeklong summer internship. This way, I am able to fulfill my lifelong dreams of traveling abroad, gain work experience from it, and not miss school. It seems like I have had this trip planned for so long, it is so surreal that it is about to happen.

As my departure date approaches, everyday I have been checking things of my list to prepare me for my trip. First of course I went shopping to get clothes for work, clothes for the weather, power adapters, toiletries and more. Some things I have in my suitcase are rain boots, a rain jacket, business casual clothes, sweatshirts, casual clothes, sneakers, a camera, my computer, and other everyday items that I will need. I have prepared myself emotionally by researching and trying to learn about the Irish customs before I arrive. I also am bringing a travel journal to note all of the exciting, new places and experiences that will occur while in Ireland. While I prepare to leave for my summer abroad experience, I make sure I am not forgetting anything, and get more excited for this journey that I am about to embark on.

Although I am nervous to travel to a new country, not knowing anyone there, I am looking forward to the adventure that I am about to lead on. By researching the culture in Ireland and speaking to people who visited there before, I have heard how hospitable they are which eases my mind a lot. At times I feel nervous because I do not know anyone and will not know my surroundings as I do my own home, then I realize that most other people traveling with me are on the same boat as me. I think that I am just so excited for this journey that it cancels out me feeling nervous or anxious. I know I will also miss my friends and family, but plan to document my trip through photos that I will show them when I get back.

From my summer in Dublin I hope to be able to come home with a full understanding of the Irish culture, history and be able to feel at home there. I hope to be able to explore and travel all throughout Ireland, and even be able to fly to Europe to explore near cities. I want to be able to experience the tourist destinations like the Guinness Factory and Cliffs of Moher, but I want to learn and go deep into the Irish culture and be able to form bonds with the people that reside there. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am so blessed to be given. I cannot express how excited I am to experience this and cannot wait to write more about my experiences while experiencing Ireland.