First things first, the weather here is incredibly hot. From sunrise to sundown I am covered in sweat. This wasn’t necessarily what I expected but I’m taking it in stride. The first week of my trip has flown by and I’ve had so much fun. In the mornings, I am in the clinic from 7:15-12:30 and in the afternoons I am either on an excursion or in Spanish class. The clinic is interesting and is a lot more hands on then in the US as well as “muy caliente”. Anyways, it’s still a great experience. The excursions are totally amazing also. So far I’ve gone on a boat ride around Lake Nicaragua looking at various “isletas” with summer mansions or monkeys on them as well as hiked a volcano and ziplined through a rain forest. The trip has exceeded my expectations in some areas while in other areas not so much. Granada itself is pretty amazing with beautiful architecture and a great night life. In total, the first week is in the books and I’m very gratetful so far.