Hello, my name is Wil Carpenter, and I am a junior aerospace engineering student studying abroad in Pamplona, Spain for the month of June. Obtaining a greater level of Spanish fluency was the main reason that I chose to study abroad.  I have taken three years of Spanish in high school and Spanish 201 in college. However, I have never felt completely comfortable talking in Spanish. I can read it write it well, but I always had trouble responding appropriately when someone talks to me. Studying abroad has been something that I have wanted to do since I came into the University. But I didn’t think I would be able to do it since I have an odd schedule and a major that is strict on when you can take classes (a lot of Fall/Spring classes, especially when you get higher up in the program). That is why I was glad when I found my program, which is during Summer I term. The study abroad program that I am doing is called UA in Spain: Society, Technology, and the Environment. As part of this program, I am studying Spanish and taking a general engineering elective. I am also living with a Spanish family as part of a homestay for the duration of the program. My biggest goal is to become more comfortable in using Spanish in conversations with other people, such as ordering food or asking directions. So far, I have been here for less than a week and I already feel my Spanish speaking abilities have improved dramatically. ¡Adiós!